Shipping & Delivery

Your medications when YOU need them.
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Shipping & Delivery

We are more than aware of how difficult it can be to take a trip to the pharmacy whether you are burdened by physical ailments or simple have too much on your plate to make it.

Access to your prescription medications shouldn’t be a hassle, but guaranteed.

Our experienced delivery couriers will personally deliver patients their medications at no extra cost! No need to worry about your medications that need to stay refrigerated or frozen, METRORX has tested packaging method to ensure that your medications stay completely viable by manufacturer standards. Our goal is to ensure that our patients always have their medications when they need them.

METRORX Shipping and Delivery Benefits include:

  • Always FREE delivery!
  • 1-day shipping only available to the US!
  • ISTA approved and tested Refrigerated packaging to ensure your medications stay viable!
  • Never having to worry about not having you medications when you need them!
National Association of Specialty Pharmacy