By delivering high-touch patient care, METRORX has established a name for itself as a leader in delivering patients unrivaled support for all their specialty needs.

Prior authorization support

Prior authorization support

Here at METRORX, we understand that as a provider, seeing multiple patients on a daily basis, it can be difficult to complete the Prior Authorization process after your patient has left your office.

We take it upon ourselves to take as much of the load off your shoulders as possible to ensure ease for yourself and quicker access to medications for your patients.

Whenever one of your patients requires a Prior Authorization we will make a request to your office for all necessary information.¬†Once all necessary clinical documentation is alligned, we just need a simple prescriber’s signature and the PA will be initiated. Our clinical staff will keep track of the PA and inform the provider’s team every step of the way with status updates to truly become a valued member of the clinician’s team.

METRORX can handle multiple Prior Authorizations through direct contact with the patient’s insurance company or submitting forms via CoverMyMeds.

METRORX’s simplified PA Process:

  1. Patient is contacted and notified.
  2. Providers are informed of the need for a PA and METRORX initiates the PA process.
  3. Prescribers sign PA forms and send to the appropriate insurance company.
  4. METRORX follows up on the status of the PA and, once approved, calls patients to schedule a delivery and consultation.


National Association of Specialty Pharmacy