Prior Authorization

Appeal and Approval
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Prior Authorization

When a prescription requires Prior Authorization, it can be quite frustrating for patients who need the medications right away and doctor’s offices who have busy schedules already.

METRORX picks up all of the hard work to ensure that Prior Authorizations are approved as fast as possible. METRORX contacts the provider’s office for all necessary information and contacts your insurance company for approval.

Prior Authorization occurs when your insurance company doesn’t want to cover the medication you’ve been prescribed. METRORX will work hard to get your medications approved and even get you a new prescription if we can’t.


We understand that you need your medication as soon as its prescribed and have our Prior Authorization Specialists working diligently to get your medications to you as fast as possible!

METRORX’s simplified PA Process:

  1. Patient is contacted and notified.
  2. Providers are informed of the need for a PA and METRORX initiates the PA process.
  3. Prescribers sign PA forms and send to the appropriate insurance company.
  4. METRORX follows up on the status of the PA and, once approved, calls patients to schedule a delivery and consultation.
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